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There are a few conditions meanings definitions that should be noted before reading further.

The world renowned Mayo Clinic describes Narcissistic Personality Disorder as a behavior that is characterized by grandiosity, the constant need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others.

The same clinic describes Psychopathic as behavior characterized by grandiosity, the constant need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others.

Having shared that let’s look at the latest offer by the PPP to help the current administration to find billions.

To see this offer as anything less than an expectation and as anything other than an extension of manipulation is to dismiss the arrogance and self centeredness of Mr. Opposition.

Though their legitimacy has always been questioned, Mr. Jagdeo and his successor, Mr. Ramotar, were elected public officials and were bound by their oaths and/or affirmations to serve the citizens of Guyana.

And, since government is a continuum of activity, it is normal, rather expected, that the previous Administration hands over matters of state that are integral to the improvement of the country. Politics, not withstanding, it’s an act of patriotism for officials of a previous administration to hand over their portfolios to their successors.

So, let’s not make Mr. Jagdeo a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, here. Let’s just slot him under one of the definitions above, since his decision was precisely timed,particularly machinated,purposefully ruminated, to angle the spot light on him.

The forensic audits are still underway and Mr. Jagdeo has inside knowledge and has offered to steer the government to billions of the people’s money. The thing to remember is that the loss of this money was not the result of a swift overnight heist. It was the result of a convoluted system of accounting that was designed to park these billions where the designers of that siphoning system could have easy access to them; especially since they planned on remaining in office for several more decades.

We, the people, are not fooled. Mr. Jagdeo’s overtures to help find billions that strayed from the treasury while his party was the watchman maybe an attempt to deflect the guilt that has been ascribed to him by the court of public opinion. The blood hounds are sniffing and puddles of blood are showing up where he once stood.

We know that, as President, there is a certain decorum that must be held by Mr. Granger and we expect him to remain poised and purposeful as he ferrets out our money. But this is not to be confused with coy and nervous. Tracking the loss should not be a battle of intelligent quotients.

It would be reassuring to know that, irrespective of who helps to recover the funds that have robbed all Guyanese of economic benefit, the case of, at least, dereliction of duty, maybe with felonious intent, will be made for the people.

Justice is blind and should be so, particularly, against those who malevolently betray public trust.

And blind Justice should not a dumb government make.

People are listening for reassurances that there will be no semblance of immunity offered to those who are now volunteering to be sleuths and ferrets.

The thing is, Justice is not only blind, she is impartial..



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