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Norman McLean elected as new Chairman of PSC

ArchivesNorman McLean elected as new Chairman of PSC

When I saw this I was taken aback.
I thought the PSC was Public Service Commission.
Surely they couldn’t be recycling this misrepresentative of what public service should be; even if he is credited (questionably) for design, planning and implementation of the national youth program for National Service – this terrorizer of men.

I have heard many an opinion from officers who served under this man but the stories wouldn’t end with him being carted off for psychological evaluations- though his actions required that level of treatment.

There are tales that have become folklore that detail his savage indecency and his sadistic abuse of senior officers, stripping them of their respect by ordering them to ‘double’ –army parlance for trot- when he summoned them and publicly humiliating them in front of their subordinates, calling them fools and dunces and assholes – to keep the blog more of a family read – and suspending and firing and transferring with the stroke of a pen and the flicker of a venomous tongue, while dropping the name of the Kabaka Burnham to drive the fear deeper in to their hearts

There was a vulgarity, too, that came with his malice and several officers, maybe with hoods over their faces and altered voices, will relay how Norman ordered them all to the Officer’s club in Camp Ayangana, made them wait for two hours before he showed up; all the while calling to ensure there was full attendance, then arriving, ordering them to stand in line, then pulling his pants down baring his ruddy posterior, to protest the fact that he had called a meeting earlier that day and some officers were late. This was the depravity, the abasement, that this Chief of Staff brought to the Military, to the Officer Corps which, up until that time, was better known for its elegance, its sophistication, its refinement.

And there was this thing about his integrity that followed him. He was known as the epicenter of a grand theft of auto parts while serving as an officer in the police force in the 1970’s; parts that he had charge over. And accompanying his questionable integrity was his questionable morality, an area I would not expand upon except to say that he was head of several households, simultaneously.

Turns out I was wrong. The PSC was not Public Service Commisssion but Private Sector Commission; an agency I was not au fait with so I decided to look it up and noted that it was some office that was a coordinator of several private businesses.

Businesses? McLean? Didn’t they know this guy? Didn’t they remember him as the servant of Bharrat Jagdeo who made him some top member of the Land Use Committee which dealt with gold and diamonds that McLean ummmmm? Wasn’t he the one who was forced out of the Gold and Miners’ Association because there was no confidence vote against his leadership?

And these Core Values of this PSC.

1. Value our members
2. Respect all stakeholders
3. Self discipline and structure to achieve results
4. Honesty, integrity and independence in all matters.
5. Professionalism and high ethical standards

Which of these could Norman keep, given his record? Who really looked at this guy’s résumé and matched his skill set to these core values?

And I’m not done. Wasn’t it around March 2009 that Norman was involved in some forged documents for adoption and emigration through the US embassy?

And it’s not about his age but if this high strung man, of low moral values, whose mediocrity became legendary because of his political affiliation, was not fit for public consumption back then, then why now, when we are enjoying the dawn of a new day, a new style of politics, where inclusion and respect lead action?

What could this dithering, doddering, relic from times past, with his chronically anti social behavior and misdiagnosed psychological imbalance bring to this new political construct, this legendary persecutor of men?

Norman’s reputation was never that of negotiator, never that of advocate, he never articulated beyond belittlement and profanity- except it was to insert a conjunction- so I am alarmed that under this new administration, when many are ready to return to invest, Norman has been crowned the king of the Private Sector Commission; a body responsible for private investment.

I heard of a Dominic Gaskin who is now Minister of Commerce. He may want to have a few words with this Private Sector Commission, in the interest of making potential investors not so nervous.

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