Simple and healthy is what I think when planning a meal.

For me the salad is never lonely because there is so much versatility available there.

For this one, I wedged a Haas avocado and de-seeded three small sweet peppers, one red, one yellow and one green.

Yup. Eat the rainbow. The colors of what we eat supply what we need.

I also wanted shrimp. Yes, it has cholesterol but it is packed with omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, important for your brain and immune system. It’s also low in calories — 60 calories in a 3-ounce serving — and packed with important minerals and vitamins. I de-vein my shrimp and then let let it sit in a marinate of grated onions for a bit.

After I was done with the prepping, I put about a teaspoon of olive oil in my skillet and grilled my avocado on which I sprinkled a pinch of dry basil. After it was done, I tossed in my de-seeded peppers along with three rings of white and red onion and some chopped scallions for a light stir fry. By then it was time for the shrimp. I added a little more olive oil and stirred to perfection with a pinch of oregano.

When that was done, I served all over a bed of mixed lettuce leaves, along with two wedges of apple and a few blue berries. I capped  it off with a few dashes of my favorite creamy salad dressing.

To die for.

Connie Gilbert

Fit For Life







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