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Welcome to Xpressblogg where we express ourselves with respect and intellect through Opinion Editorials and a lively exchange of views on a wide range of affairs and matters that affect our daily living.

We are not a billboard for any political party and will not publish anything that resembles a Party Poster. We will, however, publish thoughts about partisan leanings if they are presented in a manner that could generate discussion and response.

And, though we are not a tabloid, we won’t refuse a conversation on issues that are comparatively salacious. We aim to reach a popular audience, sharing topics that are viscerally important, from discrimination to preservation of the rain forest, so, if that means tabloid, then we’re guilty.

We demand respectful interaction and will ban anyone who is rude, hostile, insulting, or consistently uncivil, so we will moderate every comment prior to publishing it on site and will UNILATERALLY determine whether we want to air it or not.

We may sometimes be irreverent, funny, free spirited but in the end our aim is to be separate from the mandatory spin of government and the bias of news organs that are decidedly antigovernment, and offer unfettered feedback that could be used to take real time political temperature. So, though we’ll have a wide and encompassing focus, we will encourage you to remember that we aim to host deep and precise discussions on issues that are not frivolous or fleeting.

We remain a work in progress like anything that aims to evolve with time so though we are open for business we still have lots more to add and will do so continuously.

We’re looking for free lance writers who want to air their thoughts so if you’re interested visit http://xpressblogg.com/contributors-corner/

and follow the guidelines.

Again, welcome to Xpressblogg and do let us know what you think.