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OUR FEATURED BOOK – SACRED SECRETS – Shedding the Shackles of my Shame

Peppered with beatings, incest, drugs, and murder, this story of abuse sends us careening through the rages and indiscretions of a father, and provokes our own rage at a mother whose efforts were more to cover up her husband’s predatory proclivity, than they were to protect her children.

Our sympathy pours out, too, when we see how these children of abuse became adults ravaged by a helpless vulnerability to drugs, crime, and any combination of social ills.

This book is not casual reading. Be prepared to feel revulsion, anger, shock, fear, pity, and abject disgust, as this sad saga of one woman’s tale of abuse unfolds.

SACRED SECRETS: Shedding the Shackles of my Shame is the true life story of Connie Gilbert, who no longer wants to pretend that her abused childhood and her subsequent social missteps were all a part of normal living.

She is tired of hiding who she was and where she came from. She is ready to shed the shackles of her shame.

Follow  Sacred Secrets modified for a sneak peek at this compelling story then visit  and get at least one copy  help us keep the spolight on this issue that continues to destroy so many in our communities.