Freelance Writer: XPressBlogg

While much of our content comes from writers with whom we’ve had a long-standing relationships, Xpress Blogg will consider well written, solidly reported, hard-hitting, groundbreaking news stories.

Of course, we have a passion for OP ED style analyses that are straight talking, uncompromising, pertinent and timely.

That’s our signature.

Really though, we’re interested in just about anything that will intrigue our readers but we focus especially on these areas: Coalition APNU/AFC Manifesto and progress on achieving its contents, national politics, environmental issues, Industry politics and progress, Union activities, Private Sector Commission, Legal System, corporate wrongdoing, human rights, and political influence in all spheres.

Our readership is both national and international, so please, no local issues unless they have interests or implications affecting these readers.

In addition, anything that has already been covered extensively in the news media may not work for us, unless you are offering us an unreported side to it that is newsworthy. We will look at cultural essays, but not travel pieces. We will accept no diatribes or baseless attacks. If your work is plagiarized beware because we will accept no responsibility for your actions. Plus, we are not a satirical site nor do we spoof for entertainment. So, save us both sometime by following these guidelines for submission.

Web pieces are generally no more than than 1,500 words. We DO NOT pay for contributions.

As soon as you’ve gotten your piece together email to and you’ll be published once you satisfy our guidelines.

Once approved you’ll be featured on XPRESS BLOGG

We’re so glad you asked  to be a part of this news magazine.